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    04 – 07.02.2016 • second edition
Index Art Book Fair at Museo Jumex,
Mexico City, Mexico
Program Publishers

Index and Fundación Jumex are pleased to present the second edition of this leading international Art Book Fair. Encompassing both domestic as well as international publishers from Europe, America and Asia, this fair seeks to be a platform to discover, enjoy and discuss cutting-edge editorial projects.

The fair focuses on disciplines centered around contemporary art, design and architecture, offering publications that depart from conventional formats such as the catalog or monograph to accommodate experimental and above all personal projects, born of a closer dynamic between artist, editor and press.


Index Architecture is a research project concerned with the intersection between publication and architecture. Index Architecture explores how these two practices inform each other through the simple question ‘how do architects use the book’.

Index Architecture debuts as part the second edition of Index Art Book Fair. It will present a selection of publishers addressing the current state of architectural publishing, highlighting seminal and state-of-the-art publications.



Friday, February 5, 4-6pm
panel discussion - Acts of Publication
Acts of Publication looks at the relationship between publishing and distribution of artists’ books to other practices of art, graphic design and curating. The three speakers have multifaceted practices that work critically between these areas.
With Prem Kristnamurthy (Project Projects); Maki Suzuki (Åbäke); Banu Cennetoğlu (BAS) & Nick Herman (Anteprojects)
Moderation: Kit Hammonds

Saturday, February 6, 4-6pm
panel discussion - Print as Matter
In Print as Matter artists and curators will explore how the printed text and image become materials for the creation of new work, while the artist book and the magazine become objects and spaces unto themselves.
With Cay Sophie Rabinowitz (OSMOS Magazine); Mathew Hale & Fiona Banner

Saturday, February 6, 12-1pm
The Anamorphosis Prize was established to promote excellence, dialogue and excitement in the field of self-published photobooks and photo-based artist books.
With Anouk Kruithof (

Sunday, February 7, 4-6pm
panel discussion - Index Architecture
Index Architecture discusses current experimental and conceptual approaches to publishing and architecture.
With Giovanni Piovene (San Rocco); Carlo Menon (Accattone) & Frida Escobedo
Moderation: Erica Overmeer

Friday, February 5 & Saturday, February 6
workshop - I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel presents Juice & Rispetta Recipe Reports Mexico
Research during the day (in the city) with work on the balcony every day from 5 to 8pm on the book
Sunday, February 7
The artists will present the outcome of their research at their fair table followed by a Q&A with the public.


The Most Beautiful Swiss Books
On display at Casa Bosques Bookshop
February 1–6, 12-8 pm
The Swiss Federal Office of Culture organizes the competition ‘The Most Beautiful Swiss Books’ on an annual basis. It thereby recognizes excellence in the field of book design and production, as well as drawing attention to remarkable and contemporary books by Swiss designers, printers and publishers. In January 2015, a five-member jury awarded 17 books of 2014.

1301PE, US
20th Century Art Archives, UK
2nd Cannons, US
8 Ball Zine, US
Accattone, BE
Afterall, UK
AKV Berlin, DE
Alias, MX
Argobooks, DE
Art Catalogues at LACMA, US
Arts and Sciences Projects, US
Banner Repeater, UK
Behind the X, UK
Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, DE
Book Works, UK
Buró-Buró, MX
Bywater Bros., CA
Casa Bosques, MX
Colpa Press, US
Columbia GSAPP Books on Architecture, US
Cráter Invertido, MX
Dent-De-Leone, UK/FR
East of Borneo, US
Ediciones Hungría, MX
Éditions Incertain Sens, FR
Fillip, CA
Fivehundred Places, US
Fuck Zines, MX
Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo, MX
Gagosian Gallery, US
Gato Negro, MX
Hazel Mandujano, US
I Never Read, CH
Koenig Books, DE
Lars Müller Publishers, CH
Liga, MX
Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, US
Louis M Schmidt, US
Lubok Verlag, DE
MER. Paper Kunsthalle, BE
Mousse Publishing, IT
New Documents, CA
Night Diver Press, US
O Book Publisher, NL
One Star Press, FR
Onomatopee, NL
Open Editions, UK
Other Forms, US
Passenger Books, DE
Petunia, FR
Publication Studio Hudson, US
Raking Leaves, LK
Ridinghouse, UK
Roma Publications, NL
Rosascape, FR
San Rocco, IT
Scapegoat, CA
Schizm, UK
Smoke Room, US
Sternberg Press, DE, NL
Taller de Ediciones Económicas, MX
The Name Books, CH
THE THING Quarterly, US
The Vanity Press, UK
Tiny Splendor, US
Torpedo Press, NO
Tunica Magazine, US
Vernacular Institute, UK/TW
Waterfall, TW
White Fungus, TW
Wood Kusaka Studios, US

credits: Laetitia Jeurissen