Index Art Book Fair
IABF brings together leading independent art publishers from Europe, Asia and the Americas, with special emphasis on artist books and printed matter resulting from experimental approaches to editing, writing and printing. Established in 2014, Index Art Book Fair supports and promotes the production and distribution of art publications; an area that has become increasingly important in contemporary art in recent years. Art editions include images and/or text in experimental formats such as books, art texts and collectively edited magazines, as well as monographs and photography books. In this fertile ground, the work of international artists, designers and photographers is made available to the public through affordable editions, creating an alternative space for art appreciation beyond galleries and museums.

Each edition of Index is accompanied by a program of events in which different actors from the local and global scene –through lectures, workshops, readings and other activities– create an open and critical space where the most urgent and relevant topics for the independent publishing community can be addressed.
current IABF fair
IABF 2020, 23 – 26 de enero
@ kurimanzutto, Ciudad de México
past IABF fairs  
1st edition
27.11 – 01.12.2014
Museo de Arte de Zapopan, Guadalajara
2nd edition
04 – 07.02.2016
Museo Jumex, Mexico City
3rd edition
14 – 16.04.2017
Museo Jumex, Mexico City
past IABF satellites
1st satellite
04 – 08.02.2015
Zona Maco, Mexico City
2nd satellite
24 – 26.04.2015
Libros Mutantes, Madrid
3rd satellite
24 – 25.02.2018
"An Art Book Affair" Show, Beeler Gallery, Columbus
4th satellite
05 – 08.07.2018
Toronto Art Book Fair, Toronto
5th satellite
27 – 30.09.2018
6th satellite
19 – 22.09.2019
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IABF was founded in 2014 by Frances Horn, Kit Hammonds, Jorge de la Garza, Maxime Dossin, Chantal Garduño, Tania Isabel Garduño Israde and Rafael Prieto.
IABF is now run by Jorge de la Garza, Maxime Dossin and Chantal Garduño Israde.
Past and current advisors: Erica Overmeer, Jo Ying Peng, Macarena Hernández, Chelsea Culprit, Iván Martínez López, Kit Hammonds.
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